John Taggart

John Taggart

Né le 5 octobre 1942 à Guthrie Center, Iowa.
Professeur d'anglais à l'Université Shippensburg.

écouter :

Le poème de la chapelle Rothko

Publications :

To Construct A Clock, Elizabeth Press, 1974.
The Pyramid is a Pure Crystal, Elizabeth Press, 1974.
Dodeka, intro. Robert Duncan, Membrane Press, 1979.
Dehiscence, Membrane, 1983.
Loop, Sun & Moon Press, 1986.

• "Were You : Notes & A Poem for Michael Palmer", in Code of Signals, ed. M. Palmer.
• "Of th Power of the Word", Ironwood, 1983.
• "Louis Zukofsky : Song of Degrees", in Credences, 1982.
• "Call me Isabel, Call me Pierre", in Sagetrieb, 1985.
George Oppen and the Anthologies", in Ironwood, 1985.

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John Taggart (Manifestations)